Day 3 Hanukkah Lesson from YHVH

I was thinking about a comment someone made on a Facebook post about Hanukkah and although the comment itself was not really the direction of His teaching but that is where it started.
Many people think giving up the pagan festival of “christmas” means giving up fun. They think of Hanukkah = dedication must be serious and somber. So they have a very hard time because as Rebekah (Teshuvah Ministries) says people’s heart will only trade up. So people don’t want to give up joy and merriment for somber possibly self-affliction thoughts of denial etc. which seem to be the motif of the holiday at a surface level cursory glance. But Yehovah revealed to me that the self-affliction school of thought comes from the Gnostics. The truth is His Feasts except for the fasting one are meant to be with merriment and wine (not to drunkenness) but for lightness of the heart and delicious foods (not to gluttony) breaking of bread fellowship and memories. He said to remember Him but I believe He meant more than His sacrifice although that thought is a very heart consuming thought in and of itself but also remembering Him in every blessing of family and so include Him in your memories of times with them as being there among you because in a very real sense He is. (I am reminded of Matthew 9:15 and Mark 2:19) We do not see Him but we see the affects of Him. There is joy in light, but in wholesome light not the false light of pagan festivals. His joy in the Festival of Lights is the effervescent sparkling of lighted joy bubbles that run like His sparkling water through our spirits bringing giggles of overflowing gladness and refreshment to our souls. He wants His celebrations to be fun like any father wants for His children. Even though there are some bad things in it, in the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” at the start of the movie the father played by the late Robin Williams wanted a fun celebration with dancing and joy and life for his son. When we think of the meaning of the celebration which is ultimately the restoration of all things, like the temple in this case, but each feast points ultimately to the ultimate restoration. His victories throughout history are great but our greatest inner joy comes from the knowledge that we are rehearsing for that Great event.

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